Managing large volume sales on our online Ticket Manager platform

As a ticket broker, you might know of Point of Sales (POS) management systems which help streamline the operations of ticket selling, enhance the metrics of your tickets, and ultimately, increase your sales revenue and get more ticket inventory. It is a waste of time and very challenging to manage hundreds or thousands of ticket listings with a google doc or excel file. So getting the most suitable ticket broker software becomes a priority for ticket brokers who deal with a large ticket volume. There are plenty of POS management systems to pick in the market right now, but most are confusing to use and/or not tailored to the daily day user. Also, it requires a set up/monthly fee to use and they need a ton of personal information to get started. For example, the most used POS which is Ticket Network charged their ticket brokers anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per year. Also many brokers complain about their strict rules. The second most used POS is called Ticket Technology which was bought by Stubhub around 2006 but they no longer are accepting any new brokers on their platform.

Then comes our TicketFire Ticket Manager, the most user-friendly POS management system. With using our TickeFire app, you can generate PDFs or mobile tickets to any event and get full control over your last minute ticket inventory. You can sell your tickets within a couple of clicks. The selling process is simple and easy. Once you upload the tickets to TicketFire, the tickets will be sent to all the industry's top exchange and resale sites. With using our Ticket Manager platform, it’s easy to send mobile tickets to customers or other brokers via text message or email. In addition to that, our Ticket Manager offers customers more functionality including ticket selling capability and informative data analytics which help customers gain insight into their last minute ticket sales.

The easy sign up process to join TicketFire and zero fees for brokers to sell event tickets make TicketFire stand out from its competitors. It’s a wise choice for brokers and customers to pick TicketFire as their best place to buy and sell event tickets with some of the lowest costs. TicketFire ensures the validity of tickets and distributes tickets to the largest exchange platforms to help brokers find the best deal.  For more information, send a message to contact@ticketfire.com .

  Slater Meehan
Written on February 13, 2019