Selling a ticket last minute/on the go

Have you ever struggled selling a last minute ticket? Many of us have encountered last minute problems preventing us from attending an event. And as some of us know the overnight delivery of tickets can cost upwards of $30. There is a rule that customers cannot list the hard tickets on an exchange like StubHub within 3 days of an event, which might leave you with nothing else to do. This largely limits the choices of tickets sellers have. On some occasions it is too late for a customer to get rid of his/her ticket which can result in a big waste of money.

Our selling process is simpler than the StubHub’s. There are three steps to list a ticket on TicketFire app.

The first step is to take a picture of the event ticket. One thing that is very important is to make sure the camera captures the QR code of your ticket. It is necessary for the verification of the ticket.

Then set a price for the ticket. Choose a reasonable price that you want to sell the ticket for. You can adjust your prices according to the change of the market at any time. The change of the price will automatically reflect on our selling platform.

Finally choose the method you want to get paid. TicketFire provides a variety of payment methods: Venmo, Visa card or Paypal are all accepted. With using the TicketFire app, you will receive your payment in a shorter period of time.

Our selling process usually takes less than 1 minute which is much shorter than StubHub’s that takes around 3-4 minutes. And now you are ready to list your ticket on TicketFire app. You can view your listed tickets anytime from any mobile devices.

TicketFire has a strategic partnership with a leading online exchange that incorporates brokers and resellers on 9000+ different websites. TicketFire allows customers to list their tickets on some of the largest ticket exchanges and gives customers the best chance to sell their tickets.

In recent years, the influences of social media has widely expanded among millennials and Generation Xers. The use of social media becomes a necessity in many people’s lives. TicketFire wants to give consumers a safe, efficient and effective way to sell tickets. When a consumer chooses to sell a ticket on TicketFire, he/she has the option to sell on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The benefits of social selling are obvious. The selling process is easy to understand and navigate. Also it’s cost effective, TicketFire charges a comparative lower transaction fee for social selling on social media sites such as Facebook.

Getting paid quicker by using Paypal and Venmo. There is no need to link a bank account to TicketFire. It’s easy to set-up and use, and you can get your ticket instantaneously.

  Slater Meehan
Written on February 13, 2019