Transferring a ticket via text message

TicketFire was built to solve the problems of people in daily life. If you are ever: stuck in traffic, can’t make an event due to something else come up, or you do not want to spend extra 40 dollars to ship the ticket to a buyer. Then TicketFire is your best solution. Simply take a picture of the event ticket, add recipient's phone number, and send a ticket via text message on the app. It is more secure and faster to send a mobile ticket to your friends or ticket buyers. When you take a picture of the event ticket, TicketFire will detect if the ticket is fraud and ensure the validity of the ticket for all consumers. Also consumers can easily save the mobile ticket either in TicketFire app or Apple Wallet which both can be easily accessed.

  Slater Meehan
Written on February 13, 2019